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Our Services

We take pride in assisting our customers in solving their problems through end-to-end solutions through product innovation, quality, consistency, packaging, compliance, branding, and marketing to help your business streamline its operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

Product solutions
Our thoughtfully designed solutions, supported by science and technology, will tempt the palate with unique flavors from around the world.
Product Design

We bring your vision to reality by working closely with with you to create unique food products that meet your requirements.

Manufacturing Backend

We understand that as a business, you have unique requirements. In your pursuit of growth, we collaborate and solve your manufacturing needs.

Every product is curated with utmost care taking quality and taste at the center stage. Our philosophy is to create and innovate to the extent where we become constructive part of the ecosystem.
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Quality Certified Products

Our products are certified to highest standards

Technology & Category

Range of Services

For Restaurants

Our cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies help businesses streamline operations, increase efficiency, and overcome common challenges such as supply chain management, cost control, and digital marketing.

Menu Solutions
We collaborate with you to understand your brand and ideology, target audience and competitive landscape to design menu solutions which are innovative and excites your customers. Our menu solutions include a range of services, including menu design, recipe development, menu engineering, pricing analysis, and more.
Quality & Consistency
From product design to commercial manufacturing, our team ensures the attention to detail from the quality of raw materials, Manufacturing process and Supply chain requirements to help you with a consistent product which meets all the regulatory compliances.
Value Driven
Our solutions are designed to help you create value for you and your customers through a rich experience of flavors, taste and innovation. We help you optimize your costs with the help of product engineering and scale of operations.

For Brands

Our food processing solutions provide brands with a range of benefits from design to the final execution of your idea. We work closely with you to understand your idea and help you standardize the product while ensuring all the regulatory compliances for all markets.
Product Design
Our highly experienced team of Culinary and Technical specialists will work with you to provide solutions tailored to your brand’s unique needs and specifications. We deep dive with you to identify the markets and accordingly design the products at our Agrostarc Innovation Center.
Regulatory Compliances
Our team is well versed with the regulatory requirements of various markets to ensure comprehensive solutions to help businesses meet maintain requisite compliances which may turn out to be quite complex in the changing regulatory landscape.
Backend Manufacturing
Our Manufacturing setup ensures that you will have your product delivered to your customers every time through a joint forecasting process while ensuring that you meet customer demand and quality standards.

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